What is

contact thermography?

Born in the 70s in the medical field, contact thermography is used today for the analysis of cellulite and adiposity based on its thermal aspects.

The system is based on the use of plates equipped with microencapsulated liquid crystals, capable of changing color depending on the temperature with which they come into contact; by placing the plates on the body, thanks to the chromatic variation it is possible to detect the presence, even early, of cellulite and/or adiposity.

Thanks to the interpretation of these images, with technology internationally patented by IPS, the specialists will thus be able to identify the different stages and proceed by setting up focused therapies, showing customers the presence of cellulite and/or adiposity and its trend according to following the treatments.

In this regard, it is important to underline that the test can be repeated several times and without consequences, neither for the customers nor for the products, which do not require periodic maintenance.

Reusable Plates

The test can be repeated several times and without consequences, neither for the patients nor for the products.

Speed and effectiveness

Thermographic plates allow for quick and effective analyses, useful for professionals to choose the most suitable aesthetic treatment.

Extreme precision

Thermographic plates allow to identify even the very first stages of cellulite, which are not visible and cannot be identified by palpation.


The advantages of contact

The devices supplied by IPS for contact thermography, unique in their kind, allow for rapid and effective analyses, useful not only for professionals but also for customers, who will be able to easily understand the need for care and treatment right from the first signs of cellulite and/or localized fat deposits.

The possibility of identifying the most suitable treatment for each case and monitoring its evolution will allow specialists to increase the loyalty of their customers, who can only be satisfied by a harmless, rapid, and highly scientific diagnostic method, whose history starts from the screening of breast pathologies and reaches its current use in the aesthetic field.

Nutritionists, dermatologists, beauticians, and specialists in the field of body treatments: these, and others, are the professionals who can benefit from IPS products for contact thermography.

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