Reduce localized fat deposits with alternating polarity radiofrequency

Radiofrequency with alternating polarity is a non-invasive aesthetic technique that aims to combat localized fat deposits: one of the most hated imperfections (along with cellulite) by women.

We are talking about a disorder characterized by the accumulation of adipose tissue in specific parts of the body such as hips, thighs, abdomen, calves, arms, and buttocks which can depend on a wrong lifestyle, hereditary factors, or the onset of certain pathologies.

Those who suffer from it have a microcirculation problem that causes a reduction in tissue oxygenation and, therefore, local inflammation.

Professional aesthetics, always looking for the best treatments to combat localized fat deposits, can help us with alternating polarity radiofrequency, a technology that can be applied to all affected areas without particular contraindications.

A recent treatment, born in the USA (and approved by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration), allows the reduction of localized fat deposits without resorting to surgery and without the use of local anesthetics.

The machinery acts by concentrating heat on the membranes of the fat cells to make them collapse. Our lymphatic system will then take care of the disposal and elimination of this waste.

The treatment is not painful and allows you to return to normal activities immediately; however, some redness or small bruises may emerge in the hours following the application.

Radiofrequency with alternating polarity is not indicated in the case of pregnancy, patients with pacemakers, or in the presence of metal prostheses, while it is not recommended during the first days of the menstrual cycle.

The analytical phase: the thermographic analysis

Before intervening with this technology, it is advisable to carry out a preventive analysis to understand the real conditions and intervene effectively.

Carrying out a thermographic analysis of localized fat deposits allows you to detect the condition of the subcutaneous tissue allowing you to distinguish areas of soft fat deposits from those of hardened fat deposits: in this way, our trusted beautician or doctor will be able to set up the treatment in the most effective way possible.

Being a painless and contraindicated analysis, it is suitable for anyone and can be easily performed before and after each treatment to monitor progress over time.

It is based on the use of high-resolution liquid crystal thermographic plates placed on the area to be analyzed which, in a few seconds, will show a high-resolution color image, reflecting the condition of the underlying tissues.