Localized adiposity? Try subcutaneous Lipo Emulsion

Localized adiposity, as you well know, is a problem that affects many people and manifests itself with a characteristic accumulation of fat in specific parts of the body such as the hips, abdomen, buttocks, and calves: its causes can be multiple and, often, include age, genetic factors, hormonal factors, wrong eating habits, and sedentary lifestyle.

This combination of elements can lead to the accumulation of excess lipids, or rather to the formation of localized fat deposits (a term by which we can indicate the presence of tissues very rich in fat cells): in addition to being risk factors for our health, they are also annoying blemishes that often condition our psyche.

Don’t despair though: there are effective solutions to combat this blemish and today we’re talking about subcutaneous lipo emulsion, a minimally invasive treatment that promises excellent results!

Through the use of a cannula with a cavitational effect (which emits multi-frequency ultrasound), controlled by the aesthetic doctor, it is possible to “melt” the accumulated fat, which will then be sucked up by the machine during the session. It does not require anesthesia, and it is possible to return to normal daily activities immediately, taking care however to hydrate the body correctly and introducing a healthy diet, combined with healthy movement, to maintain the results achieved.

Before undergoing any type of treatment, we advise you to carry out a preliminary visit with your doctor or trusted beautician: in this way, you will be able to carry out a thermographic analysis of the localized fat deposits to see the actual situation of the tissues underlying.

How does this type of analysis work?

It’s very simple: the professional will place microencapsulated liquid crystal plates directly on the area to be analyzed and the system, within a few seconds, will show a high-resolution color image which will allow distinguishing soft adiposity from hardened.

The thermographic analysis of localized adiposities is an easy, fast, and free-of-contraindications-exam: this makes it perfect to be repeated before, and after, each treatment to document the actual progress.

We are talking about an analysis suitable for anyone, as it does not present any type of contraindication. Furthermore, through the thermographic plates, it is also possible to analyze the condition of the cellulite, classifying it in one of its stages (oedematous, fibrous, or sclerotic).