What are the clinical forms of cellulite?

Medical research, over the years, has identified two clinical forms of cellulite: the generalized forms and the regional forms.

The generalized forms mainly affect a category of people or women who are overweight (often resulting from an unbalanced diet). In these cases, the problem begins to manifest itself at the onset of puberty and becomes increasingly evident with the arrival of adulthood, and then progressively worsens until menopause is reached.

The regional forms, on the other hand, are the most frequent ones that create a strong aesthetic impact. They affect the legs and buttocks but can extend up to the pubic region, causing very evident deformations and imperfections (to the point of becoming a source of great stress for those affected).

Although it is a typically female problem (women generally have a greater amount of adipose tissue, in addition to the presence of estrogen that strongly affects the presence of cellulite), some forms affect men, particularly in areas such as the abdomen. and nape.

The thermographic analysis

To decide how to fight cellulite, in all its forms, it is important to carry out a correct analysis of the problem: for this, we can use thermographic analysis, a special technology that, thanks to the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates, allows us to have a high-resolution color image that reflects the situation of the underlying fabrics.

The examination is completely painless and non-invasive and consists in placing the plate in the areas to be analyzed: thanks to these characteristics, it is easily repeatable during the treatments to view its progress.

The image obtained will allow you to classify cellulite in one of its stages (edematous, fibrous, or sclerotic).

Contact thermography has very high sensitivity and can show the very first accumulations when still not visible to the naked eye or on palpation.

Based on the result of the analysis, it will then be possible to intervene both in advance (in the very early stages, to stop its development), and to improve the situation, in more rooted conditions, through specific cosmetic, aesthetic, or medical aesthetic treatments.

The interpretation system of the thermographic images is protected by an international patent owned by IPS, guaranteeing a unique system based on science.