How to build customer loyalty for professionals in the beauty sector

To date, keeping up with current trends is difficult and in the Beauty field it is even more so.

Every day we hear about innovative treatments, miraculous cosmetics, new massage techniques, and keeping up with all the innovations becomes really difficult for professionals in the beauty sector.

Regarding body treatments, we know that the most hated blemish is certainly cellulite (for women) and adiposity (for men). There are many treatments that can be offered and how to choose the right treatment to keep up with the new technologies of the moment?

The condition that is commonly called cellulite is a skin manifestation localized mainly on the hips, buttocks and thighs. Due to the visual aspect that distinguishes it, it is often referred to as “orange peel skin”. However, it is understood that it is a physiological disorder, typical of women, essentially linked to water retention, accumulation of liquids and micro formations of fat. subcutaneous and blood microcirculation problems, it is often not possible to understand how serious the situation is and how to treat it correctly.

Adiposity, on the other hand, is sometimes difficult to treat, it is localized fat typical especially of those who have an “apple” physique, and who therefore tend to accumulate fat in the central area of the body: abdomen and hips. Eliminating this blemish is also important to prevent diseases such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome which puts the cardiovascular system at risk.

Therefore, recognizing the stage of cellulite and adiposity is important to recommend the right treatment with full knowledge of the facts.

The method that beauty professionals can use to their advantage is certainly contact thermography: an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that allows you to detect even the very first signs of cellulite and adiposity, even when they are not visible to the naked eye.

The method is based on liquid crystal plates which, when in contact with the area to be analysed, detect the stage of cellulite and adiposity, allowing the professional to select the correct treatment. The customers become loyal and the customer will then have the opportunity to see the results achieved, treatment after treatment, by repeating the same analysis comparable with the previous one.