News: Dedicated app for the CellMeter Professional Kit cellulite detection device

Contact thermography with thermographic plates represents a fundamental diagnostic tool for monitoring the evolution of cellulite over time and evaluating the effectiveness of aesthetic treatments. IPS Srl, a leading company in the aesthetic medicine sector, has developed an innovative cellulite detection device called Cell-Meter Professional Kit, which uses thermography as a non-invasive method to precisely visualize the thermal variations of the skin tissues and detect the stage of the cellulite, even when it is not visible to the naked eye. Thanks to contact thermography with thermographic plates it is possible to obtain high-resolution images of the areas affected by cellulite, allowing aesthetic doctors to precisely evaluate the quantity of fat, water and toxins in the tissues.

The importance of using high-quality diagnostic tools such as the Cell-Meter Professional Kit lies in the possibility of identifying any tissue alterations early and monitoring the effectiveness of the aesthetic treatments adopted over time.

The novelty concerns the introduction of a dedicated app for the CellMeter Professional Kit device, which allows you to view the results of thermographic analyses in real time and constantly monitor the evolution of cellulite over time. Thanks to this technological innovation, aesthetic doctors can provide their patients with a personalized and highly professional service, guaranteeing visible and long-lasting results.

The Cell-Meter Professional Kit from IPS Srl therefore represents a cutting-edge diagnostic tool in the field of aesthetic medicine, which allows you to precisely evaluate the state of cellulite and monitor the results obtained from aesthetic treatments over time. Thanks to contact thermography with thermographic plates and the dedicated app for the cellulite detection device, it is possible to guarantee patients a very high quality service and visible results over time. For more information on this innovative technology, you can visit the IPS Srl website at the following link: