Anti-cellulite treatments, how to increase the sales of your beauty salon

The lifestyle we lead, stress, and age-related physical changes can slow down the body’s natural regeneration, causing premature aging and the formation of blemishes such as wrinkles, cellulite, water retention, and loss of skin tone.

There can be many anti-cellulite treatments: creams, saline bandages, muds, cycles of pressotherapy sessions, etc. Effective or less effective treatments.

 How to recommend the appropriate treatment? Having such a wide range of treatments to offer, the beautician needs a tool capable of selecting the right treatment designed specifically for each of his clients.

It is therefore advisable to start with a correct analysis of the stage of cellulite and localized adiposity.

Contact thermography, a technology patented by IPS, is a harmless and non-invasive tool that allows you to carry out a full body check through the use of liquid crystal plates which, in contact with the skin, change color and detect problems with subcutaneous microcirculation.

How? The contact thermography method is easy to use, in fact in a few seconds, by placing the plate on the client’s area to be analyzed, shapes and colors will appear on it which can be interpreted according to an easy-to-read thermographic map that will detect the stage of cellulite classifying it into: edematous, fibrous or sclerotic.

And now? Only after having carried out the body check, the beautician will be able to recommend the right treatment, proposing the one specifically designed and building customer loyalty.

Thanks to the in-depth analysis during the body check session, the causes of the imperfections will be assessed and the areas that need improvement will be identified. The thermographic plates are reusable, the customer will therefore be able to see the improvements undergone, treatment after treatment, by undergoing, session after session, a control analysis, which can be recorded on the dedicated app which will therefore give the possibility of evaluating the progress.