CELLUVISION PROFESSIONAL KIT, the cellulite analysis tool combined with the sale of cosmetic products

An excellent combination is to combine contact thermography with the sale of professional anti-cellulite cosmetic products:

Products that contain draining and lipolytic active ingredients are to be used preferably every day. The thermographic plates will evaluate the improvements and are reusable, in their comfortable case, they can be the perfect tool to carry out the analysis of the cellulite stage at any time there is a need.

Customizable thermographic plates

If you believe that your company may need a winning weapon to promote its products, thermographic plates are the perfect marketing tool: 100% CUSTOMIZABLE!

Microencapsulated liquid crystal contact thermography is a simple and very effective diagnostic technology in detecting liposclerosis from the very first stages not visible to the naked eye. These plates have been used extensively in medicine since the 1970s. It offers the important advantage of having objective feedback on the progress of cellulite, allowing you to focus on targeted treatments and therapies, case by case. The application advantages of contact thermography are realized in the speed and simplicity with which it is possible to arrive at a certain diagnosis as well as the evaluation of the effects obtained through the various treatments proposed.