A world that focuses on aesthetics

An escape route, an outlet valve, or even the need to take care of yourself: the pandemic has gone hand in hand with the exponential growth of aesthetic medicine and the so-called “body care”. Despite Covid, or perhaps even precisely because of this, in 2020 the requests for beauty treatments grew exponentially.

The data, both Italian and international, speak for themselves. The American Society of Aesthetic Medicine has reported a 64% increase in requests for evaluation sessions during the months of the lockdown to identify the treatment that can be performed once the restrictions have been lifted. A similar figure has been observed by doctors of the British Association of Aesthetic Medicine, who report a 70% increase in consultation requests. Italy does not deviate from the trend and recorded a surge of 25% compared to 2019.

A world that therefore focuses on aesthetics and self-care, treatments are increasing but how to act to select the right body treatment and have clearly visible and monitorable results over time?

Through contact thermography, the cellulite and adiposity analysis tool allows you to detect the first stages of cellulite, even when it is not yet visible to the naked eye.

It consists of liquid crystal thermographic plates which, in contact with the skin, detect subcutaneous microcirculation problems.

it is the tool that allows you to detect the stage of cellulite or adiposity and monitor its progress over time.