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Yes, plates are reusable.

Because each person has their own skin temperature. It is necessary to have at least 2 thermographic plates in order to test cellulite and body fat in areas of the body with different skin temperatures.

Because with the help of contact thermography it is possible to determine the initial stages of cellulite, which are very difficult to detect manually or visually, as well as to show the presence of cellulite to the client and the need for its treatment/procedures. This testing will help the specialist start treatment earlier and choose the best procedures.

Yes, thermographic testing is completely safe for health, painless and has no contraindications.

We supply systems with 2,3,4 or 6 thermographic plates, as the body (skin) temperature is different for each person, according to the stage of cellulite or the type of subcutaneous fat. The temperature spread is divided into several plates, each of which operates in a certain, given temperature range.


For thermographic systems designed for cellulite analysis, the plates have been designed for use on the thighs, areas of the body most prone to cellulite. Regarding systems that test the type of body fat, plates can be used on the abdomen; the top system allows you to test the fat also on the arms and calves.

The thermal plate does not have any maximum number of tests. If the plate is used in accordance with the instructions and properly stored, the minimum period of use of the plates is 3 or 5 years, depending on the type of system.

Thermographic systems with 3 or more plates are supplied with a special tool – ITS (Ideal Thermoplate Selector), which allows you to quickly and easily determine the optimal plate for use. In any case, it is recommended to learn how to determine the optimal insert manually, without using ITS (read the instructions carefully).

No, it is enough to study the documentation and instructions that come with each thermal imaging system.

Each color indicates a certain temperature of the skin, in accordance with a clear color scale. It is important to understand that the presence and stage of cellulite is not determined by the colors, but by the type of thermographic image that appears on the plate. When performing a body fat analysis, color matters to distinguish between harder fat and softer fat.

In case of cellulite analysis, attention should be paid not only and not so much to the color, but to the type of thermographic image (read the instructions carefully). When testing body fat, the color on the plate matters more.

Only the top thermographic system comes with a plate holder. Otherwise, the plate may be held by a client or assistant. It is always necessary to firmly attach the plate to the body at the moment when taking a picture.

Thermographic plates are a completely safe and painless diagnostic tool. If a non-optimal plate is used, the test result will not be objective and will need to be redone.

The plate must be in good contact with the skin in order for the thermographic image to fully appear (at least in the central part of the plate) – the waiting period is approximately 15-20 seconds.

We advise you to place the client on the folding bed, stomach down and then do the test.

Thermographic plates are sensitive to changes in human body temperature, but they were designed for use only in those areas of the skin where cellulite is most often manifested or there is a subcutaneous fat adiposity.

Thermographic systems supplied with 3 or more plates are equipped with an ITS optimal plate indicator to help you quickly and easily select the best plate. The ITS must be applied to the body at the precise location where cellulite or body fat testing is to be performed. After a few seconds, the ITS will show the optimal plate number. If 2 plate numbers appear at the same time, side by side, the plate with the higher number must be used. It is extremely useful, however, to learn how to choose the optimal plate without using ITS.

For correct testing, it is recommended to lie down, on the stomach, on the back or on the side. The thermographic analysis can in any case also be done standing up.

No, the poster is provided to help the specialist, as an example of possible images.

No, it’s not. If the plate remains dark and does not change color, this indicates that the temperature of the body/skin is below the temperature range of this plate or the room temperature is too low (less than 20°C). It is necessary to use the optimal plate that responds to lower temperatures and repeat the test.

No, it’s not. If the plate has a dark blue color, it means that the temperature of the body/skin in the examined area is higher than the temperature range of the plate used, or the temperature in the room is too high (above 26°). It is necessary to use a different plate with a higher temperature range and repeat the test.

App e Tablet

To install the mobile app on your tablet, follow the instructions included with your thermographic system.

To install and use mobile applications, you can use any Android tablet with the following minimum specifications:

Android 8.0 operating system, minimum 7-inch screen, 1024 x 768 resolution, minimum 2 GB of RAM and a 5-megapixel rear camera with autofocus.

For iOS tablets, iPad Mini 4th generation and above and iPad 7th generation and above are required.

If the tablet is completely formatted or the mobile application is uninstalled/reinstalled, all testing data will be lost.

To avoid data loss, it is recommended to make backup copies (back up) of data regularly using the functions built into the application.

You need to download the mobile application by following the attached instructions.

The tablet has a manufacturer’s warranty. Contact your nearest manufacturer-authorized service center.

If the user regularly made backup copies (back up) of the application and data, after reinstalling mobile applications, all data will be saved and restored.

It is necessary to make backup copies of the database on the old tablet and then proceed as described in the instructions.

Yes, it is possible: you need to reinstall the mobile application and first make backup copies of both the application and the tablet itself.

At the moment, mobile applications work only on tablets.

Tap on the SAVE icon in the top right corner.

Tap on the PDF icon in the top right corner.

Because it makes no sense to compare such different problems and thermographic images.

The function can only be used when the tablet is connected to the Internet (WiFi or mobile connection): after taking a picture of the plate, the application will offer you interpretation assistance.

Yes, the user can change the interpretation result by selecting a different one from the menu.


Use a soft cloth or disinfectant that does not contain alcohol or solvents. It is necessary to clean only the side of the plate in contact with the body.

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